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I am a Wood Turner

The wood spins creating a blur which becomes the canvas on which I paint. It has no beginning or end only limitless possibility. No artist brushes here- only knifes of steel to create the image inside waiting to be freed. Mystical in nature I peel back the layers of time that have been implanted by all that this tree has known and to all who basked in its greatness. As its secrets are revealed to me with each passing revolution, I have to wonder what lies within it next that will shape its final destiny. This amazing creation by God has helped mankind since time began and it matters not whether it is dead or alive. Its usefulness is unfailing as it transforms form one phase of its existence to another. How unselfish this gift of nature is! With little reflection one can marvel at and appreciate this manifestation. One could hardly list all that a tree has done for thee. Now in my hands it makes its final journey as my tool’s path is guided by its inherent beauty manifesting itself with each passing revolution. The final outcome will have no beginning or end. It will be so much more than when I started as a new purpose for its existence is created. The human element embraces and gives deeper meaning to the tradition of a wooden vessel. “The Bread of Life” is not complete unless served up in family heirlooms cherished for generations. It is an awesome responsibility to be part of the cycle of life for one of nature’s greatest gifts to mankind.  I am a Wood Turner.    ~ by Ken Rizza