Johnson Hollow Pens

We have become a throw away society, where true craftsmanship has no value.  Couple that with the fact that nearly no one writes anymore, you should consider yourself one of the few elite who still enjoy the art of penmanship and recognize quality workmanship.  Our pens are high quality, hand-crafted pens made exclusively in Ridgeway, South Carolina.  

I have an ever growing selection of pen types, including fountain pens, and ball point pens, many of which are "themed" pens like "Gear Shift" pens, "Deer Hunter" pens, "Football" themed pens and many others.   Each type of pen is available in several different body types; most are wood but there are also pens made from deer antlers and several with very colorful acrylics, and even Corian counter top material.  Each and every pen is carefully hand-crafted with care; finely finished and polished to a mirror-like finish.    Once assembled, these fine writing instruments allow you to write smoothly and freely as you write that surprise "hand-written" letter to a special friend.  Most of the pens use Cross or Parker refills and I carry refills for all the pens I make.

You can see our complete collection of over 100 pens Saturdays at the Soda City Market or you're always welcome to stop by the shop. Your satisfaction is guaranteed here at Johnson Hollow.  

As always, I'm happy to take and make every effort to fill special requests.