About Us

I'm Steve Johnson and I've been turning since 2010.  Nearly everything made at Johnson Hollow comes from salvaged wood.  Much of that salvage comes from trees brought down during the tornado that passed through Elmira in 2012.  Some of the salvage comes from trees that are cut down around the area for a variety of reasons.  Some even comes from our friends around the area.

At Johnson Hollow , I make bowls, platters, baseball bats,  bottle stoppers, pens, pepper grinders, duck calls, clocks, bangles, and much, much more.  Pretty much anything that's round is game around here!  Artistic work is even a part of what happens in the shop as you can see by the photo on the right.

My wife, Cindy crochets Dream Catchers of all sizes and colors.

We are in Ridgeway, South Carolina and together we make hand-crafted gifts.  We are happy to take and fill special request orders.


Why Us?

Most people don't know a lot about wood turning.  It's not easy.  It's an art and should be treated as such.  When you understand a little more about wood turning, and you understand the art of the craft, you'll begin the notice the smaller things that distinguish a chunk of turned wood from a piece of art.  You will always see high levels of workmanship in our work.  No gouge marks, no sanding marks, no drips or runs in the finish.   We will not sell you something we are not 100% satisfied with.  However, you are the one that needs to be satisfied and  we want you to be completely satisfied with the work you get from this shop!

 Remember...we will 100% guarantee your satisfaction!

AND....Remember....Special Orders are always welcomed!